Air Freight

Air Freight

PSL offers a multitude of airfreight services, which are distinguished by the safe, reliable, and cost-effective delivery of the consignment.

Platinum shipping & logistics, as one of the UAE’s leading cargo companies, is ready at all times to advise and offer whole range of air cargo services, and have carefully negotiated standing agreements with numerous carriers, to ensure our services at competent rates.

We can safeguard goods and services with attention to detail at every level of the shipment thanks to our trusted and time-tested business ties with other service providers in major commercial airlines, cargo carriers, and charters. Our DGR experts also manage your precarious commodities for import and export through Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khamiah, and Fujairah airports. We have pooled our resource, allowing us to tackle a wide range of a high-value, high-risk, heavy and delicate, uncomfortable and sophisticated maneuvers. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with innovative, effective, and timely solutions that meet their demands. A dedicated point of contact will also recommend the most efficient routing alternatives that need the least amount of maintenance from the origin dock to the door, as well as the best cost-time balance to help you achieve your objectives..



Since we have over 26 years of experience in the logistics and transportation field, our customers all around the world have great trust in us.

The most time-efficient freight solution for many parts of the world.
We make transportation possible to places where other means of transport are impossible due to infrastructure limitations.

Our core programme guarantees your journey at the best conditions worldwide.

Direct To Store

Along with the express delivery of goods and documents by air, PSL offers door-to-door delivery services to our customers, which include:

Safe delivery of parcels and packages of any size, direct to store.
Our skilled team of workers are also instructed to keep informing our clients of the status of their consignments, apart from making sure that your requirements are met properly.
We provide utmost care in the packaging of goods to avoid all kinds of damages during transport.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management embraces an integrated approach, which focuses on improving efficiency, compliancy, and reducing costs.

Our system makes sure of every action that is taken is directed towards the overall efficiency of the fleet, running on time, and within the specified budget.

Since fleet maintenance and vehicle life cycles will typically be areas that place an important strain on a business’s finances, we oversee the performance and maintenance, for the purpose of increased productivity, and the smooth running of business.

We also supply driver identification tags to guard assets against unauthorized usage and restrict drivers to pre-defined vehicles

Last Mile & Store-related Solutions

Transporting a product from a Distribution Center (DC) to the doorstep of the customer comes with its provision, constraints, and needs. PSL offers an array of services up until the last mile and the last minute, including help for a new product launch or a store opening, and much more.

Whether a product is picked up from cross-dock platforms at a PSL warehouse, or directly picked up from the supplier, we ensure its safe delivery up to the last mile, or the shop upon request for the quantities required.

Have the power to maneuver your merchandise into a warehouse, and obtain them off the distribution centre floors.

We can move the goods into a warehouse and get them off of the distribution centre floors.

Multimodal & Cross-border Transport

PSL carries out multimodal as well as cross-border transport in numerous regions all around the world. We offer flow tracking, from overseas warehousing in smart storage conditions, to international shipping operations.

Multimodal transportation offers customers and businesses to look for a logistics company that helps them chooses the transit mode for their freight.
The status of the cargo is tracked and updated within the system, thus, letting you get the newest information about the cargo.

From booking to delivery, the customer is alerted about the package in every journey process until they reach the destination, with intention proving our loyalty towards them.


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