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Door-to-Door Shipments

PSL provides customized, convenient courier service solutions to our customers, at affordable rates.

Platinum Shipping & Logistics is a UAE based logistics company with a different range of services, which includes courier shipping as well. We believe in a professional approach, which primarily focuses on customer satisfaction. For the same reason, we schedule all of our services in a way, which ensures the effective and on-time delivery of consignments.

With a committed crew, who has experience of over 25 years in the logistics and transport industry, we offer a quite promising service in the field. Along with this, we own over 100 transport vehicles, professional staff, as well as the most advanced technology in the industry. We take better care of delicate as well as dangerous commodities, ensuring their damage-free transport with proper safety measures. We offer faster and secure courier services, which are also meant to improve and accelerate your business operations.



Through our 26 years of relentless service in logistics, we were able to show a promising and incredible way of performing tasks, different from our peers.

Ensures the safe delivery of your courier from pickup point to present destination.

Fast and on-time delivery.

Reliable professionals, with cost-effective services.

Direct To Store

PSL provides door-to-door delivery services for customers who wish to simplify logistics administration, save costs, and reduce the risk of product loss or damage while focusing on their core business.

Customers will have more freedom with the new door-to-door delivery service since they would not have to aggregate consignments to reduce import costs.

As a customer, you benefit from the fact that logistics companies look after the goods and ensure that it arrives safely at your destination.

LThe benefits that you get as a customer is that shipping companies lookout for the cargo and make sure of their safe travel and delivery to your address.

Fleet Management

Fleet management incorporates an integrated approach to telematics that provides a lot more than viewing your vehicles on a map. Fleet solutions give actionable intelligence by integrating basic telematics with extra tools or enables to solve complicated vehicle, and driver-related problems.

Although fuel consumption is measured in KM/L, a fleet management system can provide easy access to fuel consumption data.

Fleet maintenance and vehicle life cycles are two areas that often put a strain on a business’s finances.

Supplies driver identification tags to guard assets against unauthorized usage and restrict drivers to pre-defined vehicles.

Last Mile & Store-related Solutions

Transporting a product from a Distribution Center (DC) to the ultimate destination comes with its provision, constraints, and requirements. PSL offers a range of services up until the last mile and the last minute, which includes helping for a new product launch or a store opening, and more.

No matter whether a product is picked up from cross-dock platforms at a PSL warehouse, or directly picked up from the supplier, we will deliver it up to the last mile, or the store, upon request for the quantities required.

Possess the power to move your commodities into a warehouse, and obtain them off the distribution centers.

We can move the goods into a warehouse and get them off of the distribution centre floors.

Multimodal & Cross-border Transport

PSL carries out multimodal as well as cross-border transport in numerous regions all around the world. We offer flow tracking, from overseas warehousing in smart storage conditions, to international shipping operations.

Multimodal transportation offers customers and businesses to look for a logistics company that helps them chooses the transit mode for their freight.

The status of the cargo is tracked and updated within the system, thus, letting you get the newest information about the cargo

From booking to delivery, the customer is alerted about the package in every journey process until they reach the destination, with intention proving our loyalty towards them.


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