Sea Freight

Sea Freight

With sea freight as one of our most significant services, Platinum Shipping & Logistics LLC provides you with the best and reliable customer service available. We are well equipped with an accomplished and dedicated crew who are capable of assisting you in controlling the challenges of designing and coordinating environment friendly bulk transports through sea. With a body of committed workers at major ports, we will look out for your shipment from pick-up to preset destination.

Our services are available all over the world, across the major ports of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Center East, South East Asia, Far East, China and Japan. This empowers us to urge limits, control costs and achieve high assistance levels for your item, and make us capable of providing you with our weekly sailing schedule with guaranteed space.

We provide FCL (Full Container Load) LCL (Loose cargo), Break Bulk, and RO-RO shipments from anywhere in the world to any destination via carefully selected global agency network and at the most reasonable rates. Our unique approach and pace benefits you in the form of fitting rates, sufficient vessel space, frequent sailing, as well as convenient schedules, which in turn ensure the timely delivery of goods to you.


Import & Export, Multimodal Operation Custom brokerage, NVOCC & Consolidation, Sea-air Operation, Ship-Shore-Ship Container, Transit Operation, Haulage, Warehouse & Storage facilities are also included in our range of services. In fact, we can assure you that our team of platinum receive your load on the vessel that best suits your needs.



Since we have more than 30 years of experience in the logistics and transportation field, we are well trusted among our customers all over the world.

Ocean shipping is generally four to six times cheaper than sending your merchandise by air.

If you use an ocean freight shipper, you may be able to share a container with another company.

We have a good logistics system with different logistics operators, with which you will be able to optimize the times along with the distribution chain.

Direct To Store

PSL offers door-to-door delivery services for patrons who want to simplify logistics management, scale back prices, and minimize the danger of loss or product damage that affect the core business.

The new service of door-to-door delivery gives customers enough flexibility since they do not have to consolidate shipments to lower their expenses for import.

The advantage that you get as a customer is that shipping companies take care of the cargo and make sure of their safe travel and delivery to your address.

The advantage that you get as a customer is that shipping companies take care of the cargo and make sure of their safe travel and delivery to your address.

Fleet Management

Fleet management embraces an integrated approach to telematics that gives much more than viewing your vehicles on a map. By combining basic telematics with additional tools or enablers, fleet solutions deliver actionable intelligence to unravel complex vehicle and driver-related problems.

Fleet maintenance and vehicle life cycles are areas that place an important strain on the finances of a business.

We Supply driver identification tags to guard assets from unauthorized usage and restrict drivers to pre-defined vehicles.

Regarding fuel consumption, simple access to fuel pursuit information is another advantage of a fleet management system.

Last Mile & Store-related Solutions

Transporting product from a Distribution Center (DC) to the ultimate purpose of sale comes with its own provisional constraints and needs. PSL offers an array of services up until the last mile and the last minute, including help for a new product launch or a store opening, and more.

Whether a product is picked up from cross-dock platforms at a PSL warehouse, or directly picked up from the supplier, we will deliver it up to the last mile, or to the shop upon request for the quantities required.

We also have the ability to move the goods into a warehouse and get them off of the distribution centre floors.

Multimodal & Cross-border Transport

PSL handles multimodal and cross-border transport in many regions around the world. We offer flow tracking from overseas warehousing in smart storage conditions to international shipping operations.

Multimodal transportation offers customers and businesses to look for a shipping company that helps them choose the transit mode for their freight.

The status of cargo is tracked and updated within the system, thus helps you get the newest information about the cargo.

From booking to delivery, every step increases loyalty towards the customer as they are alerted about the package in every stage of the process until they reach the destination.


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